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Hydrocodone has two ingredients namely hydrocodone bitartrate 5

mg and paracetamol 500 mg. Hydrocodone is a semisynthetic narcotic pain-killer, whereas paracetamol is non-narcotic pain-killer. When you take any medicine, with some other medicine, the effect of the any of the contents of either of the medicine may be affected by the other. This is called drug interaction. Hydrocodone is a pain-killer, so it is highly possible that you are taking some other medicine along with it. In such case, you should know the drug interactions of its ingredients, that is, hydrocodone and paracetamol with other drugs. Before you buy Hydrocodone, you should discuss this thoroughly with your doctor or pharmacist. Drug interactions increase the risk for severe side effects or may reduce the efficacy of the drugs. Also you should remember that these drugs may occur but do not occur always. So you need not panic and worry much about them, just you should be aware of them; therefore even if you buy Hydrocodone online, read the precautions carefully given on the webpage of the online pharmacy.


For this reason, before you buy Hydrocodone, you must tell your doctor which drugs

you are taking currently, including the Hydrocodone drugs, drugs and natural products. Do not begin, cease or alter the dose of any other medication you use, without consulting your doctor.

The drugs which interact with this medicine are mixed narcotic agonists or antagonists like

pentazocine, butorphanol, or nalbuphine, and narcotic antagonists like naltrexone. If you buy Hydrocodone online, you can find all the information given on the web pages.

Paracetamol is content of many nonprescription

medicines and sometimes of medicines too. If you are using Hydrocodone, and you happen to buy any other pain-killers, antipyretics, or anti-cold medicines, read their labels carefully to see whether they too contain paracetamol. And if you are not sure about your other medicine has paracetamol in it or not, consult the pharmacist to make it sure. You can also see the leaflet provided along with the medicine to look for adult maximum dose per day in the ‘How to use’ section.

Buy Hydrocodone

If the other medicines or their contents affect breathing or cause giddiness, the risk of critical side effects, like reduced or shallow breathing, excess drowsiness and giddiness may be increased. Therefore do not forget to tell your doctor if you take other products like alcohol, cough suppressants, anti-cold products, anti-allergic products, anti-seizure products like Phenobarbital, medication for anxiety or sleep, for example, alprazolam, zolpiderm, or diazepam, muscle relaxants, other narcotic pain-killers like morphine, and psychiatric medications, for example, risperidone, trazodone, or amitriptyline. Before you buy Hydrocodone, discuss this with your doctor. Your medicines or their doses may require to be changed. Even if you buy Hydrocodone online, discuss this with your doctor or take the help of the online pharmacist.

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